#PaniniWildCard Weekend #3 With A Twist

The last 2 weeks, Panini America has been running great contests for the collectors who love Panini! Week 1 was all about showcasing a picture of yourself holding your favorite Panini card(s). Week 2 cam with a little twist as well, you had to creatively display your Panini card(s), there were some great submissions for this one! If I can take a second to be bias.. The one that Scott Prusha, of Panini America, sports for his Twitter avatar has to be my favorite from last weeks entries! The fact that hes using one of my many submissions as his avatar, speaks volumes to the dedication Panini employees have for/to the customers and fans and appreciation for all of us! But before I get sidetracked too much, theres a 3rd week of great contest starting today for the Division Championship games!

WEEK 3, as i said, comes with a new twist. Panini America has asked us, the loyal and faithful, to venture to our local hobby shops or anywhere that we can buy Panini products, and purchase a box of product and show a picture of us opening the box in the place from which we purchased! Sounds fun, Im game! As always dont forget to use the hashtag #PaniniWildCard to submit your entry and be qualified for prizes. Like previous weeks they have offered a free box to one person, per quarter of both this weekends games. Thats another 8 boxes at least!

Oh yea, and if you dont have a hobby shop or walmart type retailer around for you to purchase from, you arent left out! you can go to icollectpanini.com , purchase a box from there site and still be entered to win a box! they will randomly select winners from there as well to receive a box of free product! They tried very hard to include everyone, and give everyone a chance at entering and winning! No one gets left out when Panini does there giveaways!

To date so far, Panini in the last 2 weeks have given away over 50 boxes of free product just through these promos alone! This isnt including any unwrapped video giveaways from there blog, The Knights Lance (paniniamerica.net) ,where they continually do these videos for products that are new or about to release.
If you add in the potentials for this weekends week 3 #PaniniWildCard they will be at a total of about 65+ boxes given away for FREE!! Wow!!

Having said all this, what are you waiting for??!! Run out to your nearest Panini card product retailer and pick you up a box of product. Rip it open in the shop or in line at walmart and shoot a pic of you doing so, so that you can enter for a chance to win! Cant win if you dont play!!

ALMOST FORGOT– #PaniniWildCard has trended the last 2 weeks, so lets get it to trend for the 3rd straight week! I hear that they are also gonna throw in extras for giveaways if we can get it to trend again!!

Dont forget to check out @PaniniAmerica on twitter, @iCollectPanini also on twitter for all the greatest news and info on all Panini products and happenings within the company!