Hello! I’m new to the blog scene, I read them all the time but this is first attempt at doing my own! I will write about the sports collectibles hobby and all the surrounds it, as well as the sports themselves! I may mix in a few opinions about other things but mainly cardboard!

I was inspired to start this cause of my passion for the hobby and sports! Panini America has had a great influence on me and in this hobby and I felt it was only right to let all you fine people know, who don’t already know, about how great they are for the hobby!

When collecting cards, it’s not just about whats printed on the cardboard for me, although, it does have a little to do with it- I look at card companies as a whole-from the mail room to the execs in the suites- to the people who open and support their favorite companies and products. Some just buy things cause the manufacturer on the box or pack and don’t take a whole lot else into consideration. You can have the biggest name in the game, but if you’re not representing the company name to the best of your abilities then whats the point? I’m probably gonna upset a few collectors and ill probably make a few happy with my writings, that’s a given.

I am not here to tell you- you don’t collect right or the way you collect is dumb, that’s not me. I will tell you however my honest opinions about things that companies like Panini America, Topps, Upper Deck and Leaf ,among others, are doing and or providing, or lack there of, for the collecting community. Again these are my views and I don’t expect all to feel the same way I do on every subject or all content I write about, as I say “to each his own”. The fact we dont all collect same ways is whats great about this hobby and why I enjoy it so much!

Having said all this, I thank anyone who reads any of my posts! I write with all of you in mind, I like to inform the collecting community of any problems I may have or may have heard about from other collectors and hope that we can all enjoy this great hobby and have some fun doing it in the process! I seek out answers from card companies, if anyone has them, and do my best to get them answered for you!!

Thanks again and hope my future writings will inspire others to get into collecting if your new and realize that in this day in age it’s not the same as the ones we used to put in bike spokes as kids! Hobby has changed a lot in last 20 years and the future looks bright!! Take care all and here’s to many more great post to come!

P.S still new to blogging and working this blog site so bare with me!lol A lot will change im sure in the next few days as I tinker with this and get it set up and figure out how all works!