My first box breaks for all to enjoy! My goal isn’t to be the next biggest case/box breaker on the block, I just enjoy ripping packs/boxes and will be offering to my friends, on here or twitter or wherever I have friends, the chance at getting some great cards at reasonable prices! case/box breaking is the new thing to do and id like to try to see if I can make it happen for a little bit of fun!

I have been wanting to do something like this for a while and finally got a few funds secured to be able to do so. I have expressed this to many of my Twitter followers and described it as a “Cheers” type know, “where everybody knows your name”, I am not trying to get tons of different buyers. Id like to do a smaller group of buyers, maybe around the 50 persons or so who would be willing to give me a shot, hints the cheers feeling where we all would know each other in these breaks! I think it would make it a little more fun if we all knew each other and talked on a regular basis, having the same guys/gals in breaks all the time will allow for a close-knit feeling and a sense of comfort when breaking! Also allows me to be more direst with customers!

Also makes trades and such easier cause we all know each others likes and PC’s!

I have been telling a few folks already about this and have gotten some interest, which is awesome!  My breaks will be reasonably priced cause id just like to have a “club” ,if you will, of people who enjoy the same things I do and give all chances at great cards from the great products!

Here’s  how I plan on doing things the first couple of go rounds, at least until I get a following and get accustomed to doing breaks this way! I currently do not have a site where you can make a purchase, didn’t want to do until I knew id have buyers and people willing to give me a chance! I have a resell certificate in my state which allows me to do this as a business. I will be paying state sales tax and claiming all of this as if it were a brick and mortar(hobby shop). I am not looking to make a living doing this, unless the breaks I do are enjoyed and people like what I do! For now, I am making just a little to pay for the taxes,supplies etc on these breaks. For those who want in and wonder how to pay?- I will just be sending you a pay-pal invoice for you to pay for spots. This will help you feel a little more comfortable when purchasing cause your money will be backed up by pay-pal!  Just reply to this post if interested or the post I will make that actually has the break info on it, either way so I can get your info to send a pay-pal invoice and you’ll be all set! Suggestion- subscribe to this blog and any time I post break info or anything you will be notified by email!

All my breaks for now,until I see how it goes, will all be RANDOM draw breaks! Means one price for a spot but you don’t know what team it is for until day of break, I will use to determine teams. Team breaks will be worked in after my first couple and I get the hang of things, for now randoms seems easiest and cheapest!

One reason I am trying this, is to allow some fun for those who cannot afford or are unwilling to pay crazy numbers for teams in a team pick break. Team pick breaks mean you pay more to get your specific team in most instances. those are fun, I just think making a cheap break and giving some one a chance at an elite team for 1/4 the price is funner( yea I said funner..chuck e cheeses says it on a national commercial-why can’t I!?lol)  My breaks will also be semi skunk protected!

Semi skunk protected means- if you get in a break and don’t get anything, I will send you something from my stuff I have opened over my collecting career(time).  Not saying you will get all of your value from what you paid for your spot(s), but that’s how breaks work- sometimes you dont get your value out of it and sometimes you get way more than your value! that’s where the fun and chance lies! But since my target audience is friends of mine on twitter and people I talk to frequently, I have no problem making sure people are happy even if they didn’t get anything from a break! If you don’t get something in the actual break the first time, don’t get worried- people do breaks all the time and get nothing, then next time they hit it big- just the way the cookie crumbles.

I think that’s all most need to know about the process. If there are any questions please feel free to comment here or find me on twitter and ill be more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have regarding breaks or the way I am doing breaks! I will be posting the available breaks I have, for now, sometime today!  thanks and hope to see you guys in a break soon! All im asking for is a chance and opportunity to help the collectors out there get some great cards!!



Hello! I’m new to the blog scene, I read them all the time but this is first attempt at doing my own! I will write about the sports collectibles hobby and all the surrounds it, as well as the sports themselves! I may mix in a few opinions about other things but mainly cardboard!

I was inspired to start this cause of my passion for the hobby and sports! Panini America has had a great influence on me and in this hobby and I felt it was only right to let all you fine people know, who don’t already know, about how great they are for the hobby!

When collecting cards, it’s not just about whats printed on the cardboard for me, although, it does have a little to do with it- I look at card companies as a whole-from the mail room to the execs in the suites- to the people who open and support their favorite companies and products. Some just buy things cause the manufacturer on the box or pack and don’t take a whole lot else into consideration. You can have the biggest name in the game, but if you’re not representing the company name to the best of your abilities then whats the point? I’m probably gonna upset a few collectors and ill probably make a few happy with my writings, that’s a given.

I am not here to tell you- you don’t collect right or the way you collect is dumb, that’s not me. I will tell you however my honest opinions about things that companies like Panini America, Topps, Upper Deck and Leaf ,among others, are doing and or providing, or lack there of, for the collecting community. Again these are my views and I don’t expect all to feel the same way I do on every subject or all content I write about, as I say “to each his own”. The fact we dont all collect same ways is whats great about this hobby and why I enjoy it so much!

Having said all this, I thank anyone who reads any of my posts! I write with all of you in mind, I like to inform the collecting community of any problems I may have or may have heard about from other collectors and hope that we can all enjoy this great hobby and have some fun doing it in the process! I seek out answers from card companies, if anyone has them, and do my best to get them answered for you!!

Thanks again and hope my future writings will inspire others to get into collecting if your new and realize that in this day in age it’s not the same as the ones we used to put in bike spokes as kids! Hobby has changed a lot in last 20 years and the future looks bright!! Take care all and here’s to many more great post to come!

P.S still new to blogging and working this blog site so bare with me!lol A lot will change im sure in the next few days as I tinker with this and get it set up and figure out how all works!