Saint Louis Rams RYAN NINETE
Cincinnati Bengals SCOTT FROST
Miami Dolphins TUCKER VASHER
New Orleans Saints RYAN NINETE
New England Patriots WILLIAM SANDOVAL
Dallas Cowboys GREG JENNINGS
Seattle Seahawks GREG JENNINGS
Kansas City Chiefs DEAN MARTIN
Washington Redskins TRAVIS HAYNES
Atlanta Falcons DONALD SKADSEM
San Francisco 49ers GREG BASS
Chicago Bears RYAN NINETE
Buffalo Bills DEAN MARTIN
Jacksonville Jaguars MATT ODOM
Houston Texans GREG BASS
Tampa Bay Buccaneers GREG BASS
Detroit Lions MATT ODOM
San Diego Chargers ED GRASSO
Indianapolis Colts DEAN MARTIN
Tennessee Titans MARK BEKWITH
Baltimore Ravens JEREL GUITIEREZ
Philadelphia Eagles TANNER PARMENTIER
Pittsburgh Steelers SCOTT FROST
Denver Broncos MATT ODOM
Cleveland Browns TRAVIS H
Minnesota Vikings DEAN MARTIN
Arizona Cardinals SCOTT FROST
Green Bay Packers KEVIN B
Carolina Panthers JEREL GUITIEREZ



JAMES GATOR Atlanta Falcons
ED GRASSO New England Patriots
DOUG JOHNSON Tennessee Titans
BRAD BEARD Indianapolis Colts
BRAD BEARD Miami Dolphins
AARON ZIMMER San Diego Chargers
GREG BASS Saint Louis Rams
GREG BASS Minnesota Vikings
GREG BASS Washington Redskins
DAVE B Buffalo Bills
AARON ZIMMER Pittsburgh Steelers
ED GRASSO New York Giants
DPAN New York Jets
TODD SILVERS Arizona Cardinals
DOUG JOHNSON Oakland Raiders
ED GRASSO Green Bay Packers
MIKE MCKENNA Philadelphia Eagles
DPAN Seattle Seahawks
JAMES GATOR Jacksonville Jaguars
MICHAEL CREW Cleveland Browns
TODD SILVERS Carolina Panthers
DAVE B Baltimore Ravens
AARON ZIMMER Houston Texans
JAMES GATOR Kansas City Chiefs
ED GRASSO San Francisco 49ers
GREG BASS Tampa Bay Buccaneers
DPAN New Orleans Saints
JAMES GRAVELLE Cincinnati Bengals
MIKE MCKENNA Detroit Lions
MICHAEL CREW Dallas Cowboys


KEVIN B Cincinnati Bengals
GREG BASS Minnesota Vikings
SCOTT FROST Tampa Bay Buccaneers
GREG BASS Cleveland Browns
MARK LOFTUS Jacksonville Jaguars
BRAD BEARD Buffalo Bills
ED GRASSO Kansas City Chiefs
DEAN MARTIN Saint Louis Rams
AARON ZIMMER Detroit Lions
GREG BASS Baltimore Ravens
ED GRASSO Arizona Cardinals
JOHN MOORE Pittsburgh Steelers
GREG BASS Chicago Bears
DEAN MARTIN Philadelphia Eagles
BRAD BEARD New York Jets
DEAN MARTIN San Diego Chargers
DEAN MARTIN Tennessee Titans
MATT ODOM New York Giants
ED GRASSO Houston Texans
DEAN MARTIN Washington Redskins
DEAN MARTIN San Francisco 49ers
MATT ODOM Green Bay Packers
MATT ODOM Carolina Panthers
DPAN New Orleans Saints
GREG BASS Indianapolis Colts
JAMES GATOR Dallas Cowboys
DEAN MARTIN New England Patriots
BRANDON BECK Oakland Raiders
GREG BASS Denver Broncos


Pittsburgh Steelers DEAN MARTIN
Green Bay Packers ED GRASSO
Washington Redskins JON ODELL
Saint Louis Rams MARK LOFTUS
Houston Texans BWISE12
Cincinnati Bengals DEAN MARTIN
Denver Broncos HOUSE
Cleveland Browns MICHAEL CREW
Kansas City Chiefs MATT ODOM
San Diego Chargers ED GRASSO
Tampa Bay Buccaneers JUSTIN WATKINS
Minnesota Vikings MATT HORNSBY
Philadelphia Eagles MATT ODOM
Indianapolis Colts DEAN GOULETTE
Carolina Panthers ED GRASSO
Miami Dolphins AARON ZIMMER
Seattle Seahawks JON ODELL
New York Giants BRAD BEARD
San Francisco 49ers DAVID P
Baltimore Ravens SCOTT FROST
Chicago Bears SCOTT FROST
Detroit Lions ED GRASSO
Tennessee Titans ED GRASSO
Jacksonville Jaguars MATT HORNSBY
Atlanta Falcons TOM BLATZ
Dallas Cowboys SCOTT FROST
Arizona Cardinals JON ODELL
Buffalo Bills MATT HORNSBY
New England Patriots BRAD BEARD
Oakland Raiders MICHAEL PEREZ
New York Jets MATT ODOM


SCOTT FROST Baltimore Orioles
SCOTT FROST Chicago White Sox
JAMES G Miami Marlins
AARON ZIMMER Seattle Mariners
DOUG JOHNSON Texas Rangers
ED GRASSO San Diego Padres
BRIAN R Pittsburgh Pirates
DOUG CASKY Milwaukee Brewers
DOUG CASKY Kansas City Royals
DAN ANDERSON Colorado Rockies
MATT ODOM Philadelphia Phillies
ED GRASSO Cleveland Indians
DOUG CASKY Boston Red Sox
BRAD BEARD Detroit Tigers
ARTHUR FOWLER Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
DAN ANDERSON New York Yankees
ED GRASSO Houston Astros
DAVID VOGEL St. Louis Cardinals
TODD S Toronto Blue Jays
DAN ANDERSON Los Angeles Dodgers
JUSTIN WATKINS Arizona Diamondbacks
DAVID VOGEL Cinncinnati Reds
DEAN GOULETTE Minnesota Twins
DAN ANDERSON Oakland Athletics
BRIAN R Washington Nationals


I have officially launched the site for box breaks and case breaks!! thank to all who have signed up and if you haven’t  signed up yet there’s still time! Lots of breaks to choose from, get in and let’s get to crackin!! All entrants who go without a hit in the breaks will get something regardless!! I want to make sure your experience with me was a pleasant one! I enjoy giving back and appreciate those who give me a chance! Also to the first 20 purchasers, you will be granted an automatic free spot in my “free single box break”!! I have an extra box of 2011 Totally certified football to rip for the people who buy into my breaks! Just a little way of saying thanks and give you my appreciation!!

So, for a spot in my breaks less than $25 bucks, you will get a free hit no matter what if you don’t get a hit in the break and if your one of the first 20 people to buy, you get in on a free box break!! What more can you ask for, for less than $25??!! Hurry and get you a spot and lets bust these boxes!! http://breaks.mybigcommerce.com/ is where you go to get your spots, all breaks scheduled for friday so let’s get these spots moving and get to ripping some great products!!

Panini Prizm Is Here!!

With the basketball prizm line being such a huge success, there’s no doubt football would be falling right in line with it’s counterpart. Prizm has finally hit streets today! Pumped!!

One of the most highly anticipated releases of the year is sure to bring collectors great joy when ripping the packs! Theres lots to be had in this product, from the great rookie class and autos of RGIII and Andrew Luck to the golds that everyone chased in the basketball line, to the stunning inserts of veterans, rookies , and the all time greats! The checklist is full of potential to get something great!

From early pictures posted on various forums, and from breaks that have already been done, this product looks like it will be widely collected and bring great value to those who like to rip boxes for their own PC’s. I myself will have to get a box or 2 and enjoy the ripping of  this beautiful masterpiece!

I have waited for this day to come and I cant wait to get my first box!

If I had to make a suggestion, id advise all who were looking into this product to do so fast! Panini America has already announced that they are sold out of this product! Yes, I said SOLD OUT!! Means whatever you see at your local hobby shop, might be the last of the product said shop will have. Only distributors may have some left but if you don’t buy now, the next go around will almost undoubtedly be at a higher cost per box than the initial retail price!

This is an example of what I am talking about: When basketball prizm first came out, it was about $90 retail at a local hobby shop near me. Within weeks of its release and all the buzz about the gold and high secondary market prices, prizm basketball was up over $110 now at my LCS! Within the next week or so, it was sitting on the shelf and they were asking $167 a box!! YIKES!! Thats the power of great product! Also supply and demand factors in but panini didn’t announce a sell out of basketball as fast as they did for its football counterpart! Dont sleep on this product!

Go out and get you some asap! don’t wait to see what it looks like and let everyone get all the good stuff! Run out and get you some retail if there’s no hobby shop for you to purchase from! This will dry up fast and then you will sit there wondering why you passed up this awesomely stunning product!

My prediction is this will be “Product of the year”!! So what are you still reading for, you should be in the car on the way to grab you some!!


Stunning. Brilliant. WOW! FINALLY!!

Those words will be words the masses will be screaming once the highly anticipated release of Panini America Prizm Football streets this Wednesday( january 30th 2013). As far as I know, there have been no delays on this product from a retail level or a hobby standpoint, so get those wallets a ready and them Visa cards out for swiping if you can! Dont sleep on this product, it will jump in box price ,just like its counter part prizm basketball.

Prizm basketball was an immediate fan favorite and must have for the basketball collector. I am not a huge basketball collector but I even found myself buying a box or 2, as well as some loose random packs. Heck, I wanted to chase gold so bad I even bought a box at $170..YIKES.. that’s bout double at least what the initial retail markup was.. but it was PRIZM!

Needless to say I didn’t find any gold, but I do love the base cards as well as the inserts and the prizm cards. My box was ok I had some of the good rookies, like I said not huge into basketball..this break was more for the sake of ripping some wax and week3 of #PaniniWildCard! So well worth it and the “familiar yet improved” technology that is, in one word, OUTSTANDING! Bar none.

Panini America is of coarse doing yet another great contest giveaway(do these guys ever stop giving back to us! 😉 ). This week they are doing the scavenger hunt on their blog, The Knights Lance (www.paniniamerica.net) , find the prizm football scavenger hunt and good luck! Some are very difficult to find, some are easy but the main thing is these are extremely fun and challenging.

When the day comes and you see some Panini Prizm football in your local retailer, wether it be walmart/target or a hobby shop, don’t pass by these boxes/packs without getting some for your self. this will be a hot product and as stated before will probably jump in price and be hard to find. I attempted to buy a case from my distributor, but was too late and they had none left. I will however attempt to at the least get my hands on a box somehow, somewhere, someway!!



My first box breaks for all to enjoy! My goal isn’t to be the next biggest case/box breaker on the block, I just enjoy ripping packs/boxes and will be offering to my friends, on here or twitter or wherever I have friends, the chance at getting some great cards at reasonable prices! case/box breaking is the new thing to do and id like to try to see if I can make it happen for a little bit of fun!

I have been wanting to do something like this for a while and finally got a few funds secured to be able to do so. I have expressed this to many of my Twitter followers and described it as a “Cheers” type atmosphere..you know, “where everybody knows your name”, I am not trying to get tons of different buyers. Id like to do a smaller group of buyers, maybe around the 50 persons or so who would be willing to give me a shot, hints the cheers feeling where we all would know each other in these breaks! I think it would make it a little more fun if we all knew each other and talked on a regular basis, having the same guys/gals in breaks all the time will allow for a close-knit feeling and a sense of comfort when breaking! Also allows me to be more direst with customers!

Also makes trades and such easier cause we all know each others likes and PC’s!

I have been telling a few folks already about this and have gotten some interest, which is awesome!  My breaks will be reasonably priced cause id just like to have a “club” ,if you will, of people who enjoy the same things I do and give all chances at great cards from the great products!

Here’s  how I plan on doing things the first couple of go rounds, at least until I get a following and get accustomed to doing breaks this way! I currently do not have a site where you can make a purchase, didn’t want to do until I knew id have buyers and people willing to give me a chance! I have a resell certificate in my state which allows me to do this as a business. I will be paying state sales tax and claiming all of this as if it were a brick and mortar(hobby shop). I am not looking to make a living doing this, unless the breaks I do are enjoyed and people like what I do! For now, I am making just a little to pay for the taxes,supplies etc on these breaks. For those who want in and wonder how to pay?- I will just be sending you a pay-pal invoice for you to pay for spots. This will help you feel a little more comfortable when purchasing cause your money will be backed up by pay-pal!  Just reply to this post if interested or the post I will make that actually has the break info on it, either way so I can get your info to send a pay-pal invoice and you’ll be all set! Suggestion- subscribe to this blog and any time I post break info or anything you will be notified by email!

All my breaks for now,until I see how it goes, will all be RANDOM draw breaks! Means one price for a spot but you don’t know what team it is for until day of break, I will use random.org to determine teams. Team breaks will be worked in after my first couple and I get the hang of things, for now randoms seems easiest and cheapest!

One reason I am trying this, is to allow some fun for those who cannot afford or are unwilling to pay crazy numbers for teams in a team pick break. Team pick breaks mean you pay more to get your specific team in most instances. those are fun, I just think making a cheap break and giving some one a chance at an elite team for 1/4 the price is funner( yea I said funner..chuck e cheeses says it on a national commercial-why can’t I!?lol)  My breaks will also be semi skunk protected!

Semi skunk protected means- if you get in a break and don’t get anything, I will send you something from my stuff I have opened over my collecting career(time).  Not saying you will get all of your value from what you paid for your spot(s), but that’s how breaks work- sometimes you dont get your value out of it and sometimes you get way more than your value! that’s where the fun and chance lies! But since my target audience is friends of mine on twitter and people I talk to frequently, I have no problem making sure people are happy even if they didn’t get anything from a break! If you don’t get something in the actual break the first time, don’t get worried- people do breaks all the time and get nothing, then next time they hit it big- just the way the cookie crumbles.

I think that’s all most need to know about the process. If there are any questions please feel free to comment here or find me on twitter and ill be more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have regarding breaks or the way I am doing breaks! I will be posting the available breaks I have, for now, sometime today!  thanks and hope to see you guys in a break soon! All im asking for is a chance and opportunity to help the collectors out there get some great cards!!

Panini Strikes AGAIN!! Week 3 of #PaniniWildCard in the books

With another week of playoff football in the books and the super bowl teams set in stone, we now know who will be playing in the big game in 2 weeks!! The anticipation is unbearable, its like waiting for christmas morning to get here to see what santa brings.

With the 3rd round of playoffs over, we also close a chapter on what was a twitter frenzy, all out Panini blowout of boxes in a magnitude only a Richter scale could tell us how incredibly ground breaking and earth-shaking it was-has been- and what to expect in the future! I’m not saying there will be more to come for sure, cause I have no idea. Panini did say thanks to everyone yesterday for there support and participation in a multitude of contests they have done over the last 3 weeks..at the end of that message on twitter they say ” Stay Tuned..” which could only mean.. well stay tuned! Pure speculation here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had something BIG  planned for the Superbowl!!

I’m sure I speak for the masses when I say “Thanks Panini America for all that you guys do for our hobby and us collectors”!! It truly is a blessing that a company takes into account so much of what the collectors have to say. In my opinion, Panini America has set the standard for what and how a card company should act towards its collectors! Panini has done so much for all of us in this hobby, and this blog is my dedication to those at Panini that make us collectors the happiest and best collectors there are! Hands down, no company has more loyal followers that are willing to go above and beyond for their favorite cardboard! Trust me I should know!

This past weeks #PaniniWildCard giveaways brought out some crazy characters, one of which is yours truly myself!

Over the first 2 weeks, me and another guy(Mark Loftus @markloftus9677) have tried to one-up each others ideas in support of Panini America and #PaniniWildCard. It started week 1, Panini asked us to show off our cards with us holding them.. after a few submission I made, I thought I needed to do something else to get noticed, so I did my best “G” rated centerfold shot- yes centerfold like in a famous magazine that uses a centerfold- so I lay some cards out in front of me lay on the ground and do a little lay down “naughty” pic with my favorite cards- how could I lose!! Well I did. But I did inspire my buddy on twitter to step up my idea- he dressed himself up in a robe and lay back on his couch with his favorite card (he showed some leg, I think that’s what got it for him!lol) and he won a free box in week 1!  I was happy for a friend to have won! But undoubtedly, also told myself I need to step my game up!

Week 2, brought a little twist.. This time they ask to use creativity in showcasing our cards- easy right?! Well the first few ideas came quick and in bunches. Not sure what he did in the week 2 contest but needless to say, I won week 2 and he didn’t! For those keeping score, we are now 1-1 on weeks winning! I can live with that. I won for a super bowl trophy I made with some of my common cards spread out on the ground! Also, I referenced this in my last #PaniniWildCard post, but I also have one being showcased on a daily basis! Scott Prusha, a Panini America employee, sports one I made specifically for him! Wasnt a crazy one, I just spelled his last name and included #1 with it! I’m honored he uses it as his twitter avatar! Cant get any better than that! But what did week 3 bring….

Well, week 3 brought the crazy out of the both of us, me and Mark raised the bar high!

For this week, Panini asked us to go to our nearest card buying spot(walmart,target or hobby shop) and take a pic of you buying and opening a box in the place of purchase.. Sounds easy! But when Mark and I hear about it, we can’t just do the normal and make it easy, no sir/ma’am! Mark had the great idea that caused me to now think how can I one-up him-his idea was to go to walmart,buy his box and unwrap it… IN AN ALIEN COSTUME!! Wow! I sat back and thought what can I do?? So, for some reason, don’t ask why, my mind thought of something most grown men wouldn’t admit to thinking let alone doing and here I am admitting both!

I went to my wife and asked “do you still have that naughty cheerleader Halloween costume?”.. needless to say, I wound up in my local hobby shop, California Cards and Comics, wearing a naughty referee costume, knee highs and all- yea I said it!

So now we have two grown men doing crazy things in support of Panini and #PaniniWildCard at levels im sure no one else would want to subject themselves to! But for mark and I, it was a no brainer we had to do this in support of out favorite company! So we did! I, as I said ended up in a hobby shop and he ended up in walmart sporting a skin-tight green alien costume, both of us with our significant others by our side! I say that cause they are troopers. Thanks ladies for sticking by us when we do silly things! Mark and I had great interactions with the Panini America team and they all seemed to enjoy a good laugh, as well as anyone on twitter who saw these pics! With that said, there was no way-one of us if not both- were gonna be announced a winner for the extreme heights we went to in support of  Panini!

We both won! So makes the embarrassment all the more worth it!

We had fun making each other look silly and trying to out do one another! This hobby is supposed to be fun and enjoyed for what it is, a hobby! The fact that we had a bar set by Panini and we decided to go above it, speaks to the dedication Mark and I have for a company that truly appreciates its customers and supporters! On behalf of mark and myself I would like to say “thank you Panini”! You guys do so much for us and there’s never enough we can do to say thanks!

With week 3 in the books, stay tuned for what could happen if the call arises again by Panini for a week 4 of #PaniniWildCard. There’s no doubt that you will want to tune into the twitter feed as soon as super bowl week is upon us! Week 3 also brought a 3rd straight week of #PaniniWildCard trending for a long while on the big board!! That is the dedication #paninination has to their card company!!