I have officially launched the site for box breaks and case breaks!! thank to all who have signed up and if you haven’t  signed up yet there’s still time! Lots of breaks to choose from, get in and let’s get to crackin!! All entrants who go without a hit in the breaks will get something regardless!! I want to make sure your experience with me was a pleasant one! I enjoy giving back and appreciate those who give me a chance! Also to the first 20 purchasers, you will be granted an automatic free spot in my “free single box break”!! I have an extra box of 2011 Totally certified football to rip for the people who buy into my breaks! Just a little way of saying thanks and give you my appreciation!!

So, for a spot in my breaks less than $25 bucks, you will get a free hit no matter what if you don’t get a hit in the break and if your one of the first 20 people to buy, you get in on a free box break!! What more can you ask for, for less than $25??!! Hurry and get you a spot and lets bust these boxes!! is where you go to get your spots, all breaks scheduled for friday so let’s get these spots moving and get to ripping some great products!!


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