Panini Prizm Is Here!!

With the basketball prizm line being such a huge success, there’s no doubt football would be falling right in line with it’s counterpart. Prizm has finally hit streets today! Pumped!!

One of the most highly anticipated releases of the year is sure to bring collectors great joy when ripping the packs! Theres lots to be had in this product, from the great rookie class and autos of RGIII and Andrew Luck to the golds that everyone chased in the basketball line, to the stunning inserts of veterans, rookies , and the all time greats! The checklist is full of potential to get something great!

From early pictures posted on various forums, and from breaks that have already been done, this product looks like it will be widely collected and bring great value to those who like to rip boxes for their own PC’s. I myself will have to get a box or 2 and enjoy the ripping of  this beautiful masterpiece!

I have waited for this day to come and I cant wait to get my first box!

If I had to make a suggestion, id advise all who were looking into this product to do so fast! Panini America has already announced that they are sold out of this product! Yes, I said SOLD OUT!! Means whatever you see at your local hobby shop, might be the last of the product said shop will have. Only distributors may have some left but if you don’t buy now, the next go around will almost undoubtedly be at a higher cost per box than the initial retail price!

This is an example of what I am talking about: When basketball prizm first came out, it was about $90 retail at a local hobby shop near me. Within weeks of its release and all the buzz about the gold and high secondary market prices, prizm basketball was up over $110 now at my LCS! Within the next week or so, it was sitting on the shelf and they were asking $167 a box!! YIKES!! Thats the power of great product! Also supply and demand factors in but panini didn’t announce a sell out of basketball as fast as they did for its football counterpart! Dont sleep on this product!

Go out and get you some asap! don’t wait to see what it looks like and let everyone get all the good stuff! Run out and get you some retail if there’s no hobby shop for you to purchase from! This will dry up fast and then you will sit there wondering why you passed up this awesomely stunning product!

My prediction is this will be “Product of the year”!! So what are you still reading for, you should be in the car on the way to grab you some!!


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