Stunning. Brilliant. WOW! FINALLY!!

Those words will be words the masses will be screaming once the highly anticipated release of Panini America Prizm Football streets this Wednesday( january 30th 2013). As far as I know, there have been no delays on this product from a retail level or a hobby standpoint, so get those wallets a ready and them Visa cards out for swiping if you can! Dont sleep on this product, it will jump in box price ,just like its counter part prizm basketball.

Prizm basketball was an immediate fan favorite and must have for the basketball collector. I am not a huge basketball collector but I even found myself buying a box or 2, as well as some loose random packs. Heck, I wanted to chase gold so bad I even bought a box at $170..YIKES.. that’s bout double at least what the initial retail markup was.. but it was PRIZM!

Needless to say I didn’t find any gold, but I do love the base cards as well as the inserts and the prizm cards. My box was ok I had some of the good rookies, like I said not huge into basketball..this break was more for the sake of ripping some wax and week3 of #PaniniWildCard! So well worth it and the “familiar yet improved” technology that is, in one word, OUTSTANDING! Bar none.

Panini America is of coarse doing yet another great contest giveaway(do these guys ever stop giving back to us! 😉 ). This week they are doing the scavenger hunt on their blog, The Knights Lance (www.paniniamerica.net) , find the prizm football scavenger hunt and good luck! Some are very difficult to find, some are easy but the main thing is these are extremely fun and challenging.

When the day comes and you see some Panini Prizm football in your local retailer, wether it be walmart/target or a hobby shop, don’t pass by these boxes/packs without getting some for your self. this will be a hot product and as stated before will probably jump in price and be hard to find. I attempted to buy a case from my distributor, but was too late and they had none left. I will however attempt to at the least get my hands on a box somehow, somewhere, someway!!



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