Panini Strikes AGAIN!! Week 3 of #PaniniWildCard in the books

With another week of playoff football in the books and the super bowl teams set in stone, we now know who will be playing in the big game in 2 weeks!! The anticipation is unbearable, its like waiting for christmas morning to get here to see what santa brings.

With the 3rd round of playoffs over, we also close a chapter on what was a twitter frenzy, all out Panini blowout of boxes in a magnitude only a Richter scale could tell us how incredibly ground breaking and earth-shaking it was-has been- and what to expect in the future! I’m not saying there will be more to come for sure, cause I have no idea. Panini did say thanks to everyone yesterday for there support and participation in a multitude of contests they have done over the last 3 the end of that message on twitter they say ” Stay Tuned..” which could only mean.. well stay tuned! Pure speculation here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had something BIG  planned for the Superbowl!!

I’m sure I speak for the masses when I say “Thanks Panini America for all that you guys do for our hobby and us collectors”!! It truly is a blessing that a company takes into account so much of what the collectors have to say. In my opinion, Panini America has set the standard for what and how a card company should act towards its collectors! Panini has done so much for all of us in this hobby, and this blog is my dedication to those at Panini that make us collectors the happiest and best collectors there are! Hands down, no company has more loyal followers that are willing to go above and beyond for their favorite cardboard! Trust me I should know!

This past weeks #PaniniWildCard giveaways brought out some crazy characters, one of which is yours truly myself!

Over the first 2 weeks, me and another guy(Mark Loftus @markloftus9677) have tried to one-up each others ideas in support of Panini America and #PaniniWildCard. It started week 1, Panini asked us to show off our cards with us holding them.. after a few submission I made, I thought I needed to do something else to get noticed, so I did my best “G” rated centerfold shot- yes centerfold like in a famous magazine that uses a centerfold- so I lay some cards out in front of me lay on the ground and do a little lay down “naughty” pic with my favorite cards- how could I lose!! Well I did. But I did inspire my buddy on twitter to step up my idea- he dressed himself up in a robe and lay back on his couch with his favorite card (he showed some leg, I think that’s what got it for him!lol) and he won a free box in week 1!  I was happy for a friend to have won! But undoubtedly, also told myself I need to step my game up!

Week 2, brought a little twist.. This time they ask to use creativity in showcasing our cards- easy right?! Well the first few ideas came quick and in bunches. Not sure what he did in the week 2 contest but needless to say, I won week 2 and he didn’t! For those keeping score, we are now 1-1 on weeks winning! I can live with that. I won for a super bowl trophy I made with some of my common cards spread out on the ground! Also, I referenced this in my last #PaniniWildCard post, but I also have one being showcased on a daily basis! Scott Prusha, a Panini America employee, sports one I made specifically for him! Wasnt a crazy one, I just spelled his last name and included #1 with it! I’m honored he uses it as his twitter avatar! Cant get any better than that! But what did week 3 bring….

Well, week 3 brought the crazy out of the both of us, me and Mark raised the bar high!

For this week, Panini asked us to go to our nearest card buying spot(walmart,target or hobby shop) and take a pic of you buying and opening a box in the place of purchase.. Sounds easy! But when Mark and I hear about it, we can’t just do the normal and make it easy, no sir/ma’am! Mark had the great idea that caused me to now think how can I one-up him-his idea was to go to walmart,buy his box and unwrap it… IN AN ALIEN COSTUME!! Wow! I sat back and thought what can I do?? So, for some reason, don’t ask why, my mind thought of something most grown men wouldn’t admit to thinking let alone doing and here I am admitting both!

I went to my wife and asked “do you still have that naughty cheerleader Halloween costume?”.. needless to say, I wound up in my local hobby shop, California Cards and Comics, wearing a naughty referee costume, knee highs and all- yea I said it!

So now we have two grown men doing crazy things in support of Panini and #PaniniWildCard at levels im sure no one else would want to subject themselves to! But for mark and I, it was a no brainer we had to do this in support of out favorite company! So we did! I, as I said ended up in a hobby shop and he ended up in walmart sporting a skin-tight green alien costume, both of us with our significant others by our side! I say that cause they are troopers. Thanks ladies for sticking by us when we do silly things! Mark and I had great interactions with the Panini America team and they all seemed to enjoy a good laugh, as well as anyone on twitter who saw these pics! With that said, there was no way-one of us if not both- were gonna be announced a winner for the extreme heights we went to in support of  Panini!

We both won! So makes the embarrassment all the more worth it!

We had fun making each other look silly and trying to out do one another! This hobby is supposed to be fun and enjoyed for what it is, a hobby! The fact that we had a bar set by Panini and we decided to go above it, speaks to the dedication Mark and I have for a company that truly appreciates its customers and supporters! On behalf of mark and myself I would like to say “thank you Panini”! You guys do so much for us and there’s never enough we can do to say thanks!

With week 3 in the books, stay tuned for what could happen if the call arises again by Panini for a week 4 of #PaniniWildCard. There’s no doubt that you will want to tune into the twitter feed as soon as super bowl week is upon us! Week 3 also brought a 3rd straight week of #PaniniWildCard trending for a long while on the big board!! That is the dedication #paninination has to their card company!!





2 thoughts on “Panini Strikes AGAIN!! Week 3 of #PaniniWildCard in the books

  1. I think that may be what I’ve enjoyed most about this #PaniniWildCard promotion over these past few weeks, it’s fun! It’s brought some fun back into the hobby. No need to write essays or anything, just support the best company in the world and celebrate with other like-minded collectors. Big thanks to Panini for doing this for the hobby and also big shout-out to you and Mark Loftus for making Twitter a little awkward this weekend. lol

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